About Micah Rose

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observingmicahrose.com is a community platform which invites women to interact with one another through sharing their stories and participating in discussions. If you would like to submit as a guest author on the site and/or share ideas about relevant topics, please contact me.

Your contribution is valuable. 


I was born into an extremely abusive environment and struggled tremendously with anxiety and depression throughout my life. Growing up with a narcissistic mother and grandmother, a father who abused me, and surrounded by substance abuse, I faced many challenges throughout my journey.


I always said I wanted to publish a book but I would wait until after my parents had passed because I never wanted them to know how much they hurt me. But as I step into my truth, I have clarity about how desperately needed a platform is for people like us to connect


The truth is, people like us work our whole lives to peel off layers of pain in the form of guilt, lack of self-worth, anger and perfectionism in order to reveal our true selves. Just when this process comes to a pivotal point of awareness, we then must find the courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable for the first time. The work is exhausting.


My objective in sharing my story is to let others know that people like us aren’t alone. We may carry the scars of the past on our backs but we aren’t broken or damaged or doomed by generational patterns. We are very much so capable of perseverance, growth, joy, fulfillment and “success” (whatever that may mean to you).

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