My Philosophy

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It is certainly not a baby’s or child’s fault that they are abused, neglected or victimized by the very people they are supposed to be able to trust.


I believe that before I incarnated, I decided exactly whom I would be exposed to and the potential impact they would have on my journey.


I believe I chose my parents so that I would suffer in their hands as well as have genetic predisposition to addiction and mental illness. I also believe I chose them because, growing up with no one to trust and carrying that pain into my adulthood, I would either die or find “God” – with no in between.


I believe I was meant to watch my biological father become a victim of his rage and mental illness and my mother fall victim to her addiction and unconsciousness, as this would ultimately fuel my refusal to follow in their footsteps.


I believe that I was meant to watch people who didn’t hurt me also die from addiction, in order to create anger and confusion within myself so I would search further to resolve it.


A friend recently asked me, “Is there anything that you would change if you could?” My answer was simply, “no.” If I didn’t suffer the way I had, I would have never searched. I wouldn’t be as grateful or capable of trusting others and possessing unconditional love, without having hell to compare it to. I also wouldn’t have any leverage to help others who suffered if I couldn’t relate to them.


With all of the dynamics going on in the universe, I believe the most important things we, as humans, can have in life are the relationships we foster with other people and the contributions we can make.

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